cœur femme is the ladies’ headwear brand designed by Michiko Kijima.

It features high quality created with haute couture craftsmanship,
as well as beautiful silhouettes reflecting her delicate aesthetic sense.

The elegant yet mannish design shines light on the essential beauty that women possess.

The collection not only emits a presence where fashion and functionality coexist,
but also reflects the current atmosphere,
and so continues to evolve in its own unique way.

Michiko Kijima  

  • 1988 - 1993

    Apprenticed under and learned the skills of haute couture from hat designer Akio Hirata.
  • 1995

    Started the cœur brand.
  • 2002

    Started cœur femme.
  • 2010

  • 2014

    Opened the atelier shop chapelier cœur inside the historic Shibakawa Building at Yodoyabashi, Osaka.

    Started cœur homme.
  • 2016

    Started nivernois for the spring & summer collection.
  • 2019

    リネンのワークエプロンとワークキャップのブランド coeur worksスタート
  • 2020

    ジェンダーの壁を取り払い 自由に帽子を楽しんでもらうために
    coeur femmeからブランド名をcoeurへとリニューアル
  • 2022

    堺にアトリエを移転。「coeur Atelier&Gallery」をオープン
  • 2023

    coeurのテイストはそのままに、治療中もお洒落を楽しめるケア帽子として「mon coeur」シリーズをスタートさせた。

cœur enfant

cœur の世界観を持つキッズライン
cœur enfant